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Long story short - 

I love to create and tell stories.

I have passions in a variety of creative avenues and don't want to restrict my creativity by "picking a niche". Instead, I use my versatility as my superpower and it allows me to produce better work and be more creatively fulfilled.

The longer story - 

Ever since I was little, I have been constantly creating; it started with dances and magazines, and over the years turned into everything from music and videos to graphic design and more. As I got to high school, I decided to start honing in on my creative skills by taking some advanced film classes, developing my music composition skills, and helping with the designing and planning stages of my choir’s pop show. Throughout my time at Memorial, I even got to attend a few special events like the 2017 OTC and 2017 NFL Women’s Summit, where I got to interview a few special guests such as Haben Girma, Ibtihaj Muhammed, and Samantha Rappaport. I graduated in 2017 with honors and memberships in the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Tri-M Honor Society and even earning a Silver Presidential Service Award in 2016 for my volunteer work through the Memorial Mustang Outreach Bunch. 


After graduating from high school, I decided to continue my studies at Full Sail University in the fall of 2017. I got involved on campus with Grammy U and the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and spent time developing the technical skills to complement my creative ones during my time earning my associate's degree from the program. I was lucky enough to graduate from the program as valedictorian and attend the University a second time to earn a bachelor's degree in media communications. I graduated from the Media Communications program with Honors and a couple of course directors awards in Web Design and Media Sociology. I was also able to continue to be a part of NSCS and Grammy U, as well as, participate in the Excellence Program, the Grammy U Mentorship Program. And fun fact, During the MCBS program's annual house cup in 2020, I was head girl of the winning house, Twittendore. My favorite part of the program was getting to learn so much from passionate teachers who truly cared about nurturing our creative spirits, while getting to collaborate with classmates virtually through the PPX Program’s Portfolio Huddles where the students would self-design, lead, and produce group projects month. 


I’m always looking to create and tell stories so after graduation, I am continuing my education with the NYU TV and Film Essentials Certificate Program, meanwhile working as Head of Graphic Design at Assist-Her Agency. I look forward to seeing what creative projects I can help bring to life next!

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