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"Apocalypse of the Squipped: A Two-Player Game" Mobile Game Concept

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

Game Sleeve Cover for Wii U

During my MCBS Program, one of my early classes was Visual Arts in the Entertainment and Media Industries. In that class, we had to take an existing IP Property and adapt it into a unique format. I decided to challenge myself with the Broadway Show to Video Game, since I am not too well versed in the gaming world, here is what I came up with.

*All of the base images and images used in the Inspiration board are from publicly posted fan art or promotional images from the show.

"Apocalypse of the Squipped: A Two-Player Game" is a Sci-Fi Game designed to be played on mobile or Nintendo Wii. The game's tagline is "Can you save the pitiful children?". The title and concept of the game was created by fusing two things from the musical, a song title, “Two-Player Game” and the Video game from the show, Apocalypse of the Damned with the whole plot of the show being Squipped. Which resulted in “Apocalypse of the Squipped: a Two-Player Game”. The two video game companies I could see possibly developing this is Naughty Dog and/or Level 5.

Game Concept:

Jeremy Heere and Michael Mell are best friends trying to navigate Middle Borough high school together. When Jeremy learns of a supercomputer pill or SQUIP that can help make him cool and get the girl, he decides to buy one and give it a try. Meanwhile, while Jeremy's SQUIP is helping him rise in popularity, Michael is trying to cope with his new reality without his best friend, but he still tries to remind his friend of who he really is without trying to change himself to fit in with Jeremy's new life. All of a sudden when the SQUIP's own agenda takes over and attempts to have Jeremy give the whole student body their very own SQUIP. Michael though will fight to the end for his best friend and try to save not only Jeremy but the rest of the student body from SQUIPs all while they are performing the annual school play.

App Icon Mockup

If this were created, ideally the professionals, cast, and crew behind the book and the show would be be involved. The Story and Narrative would be developed by Joe Tracz of the musical and Ned Vizzini, the author of the book that started it all. Joe Iconis would be responsible for the music and the score. And the Voice Talent would be the original actors from the Two River’s Theatre Production, with the exception of Jenna voiced by the Broadway actress, Tiffany Mann. As well as Paul Whitty voicing only Mr. Heere, meanwhile Jason Williams voices Mr. Reyes.

The Conflict: Jeremy Heere’s SQUIP has a mind of it’s own and wants to enslave the minds of the “Pitiful Children”. Jeremy and Michael must overcome not only the consequences of Jeremy’s SQUIP attempting to make him cool, but still survive high school and the school play.

The Characters: The Main Characters (or Players) will be Jeremy and Michael. But other characters will include: Christine, Jake, Jenna, Chloe, Brook, Rich, Mr.Reyes, Mr.Heere and of course the SQUIP.

Aesthetic + Inspiration Board

The Main Character: Jeremy Heere an everyday geek trying to navigate the social hierarchy that is high school. After years of being ridiculed by his classmates and failing to tell Christine about his crush, when his bully Rich suddenly tells him about a super computer pill from Japan his interest is peaked. We follow his story of navigated life with a SQUIP in his mind helping him “Be More Chill” and conquer high school.

The Secondary Character: Michael Mell is Jeremy’s best friend who loves sushi, retro soft drinks and Bob Marley. We follow how he is affected by Jeremy’s SQUIP and what he does to help his friend when everything goes wrong. But unlike the musical we will take a deeper glance into Michael’s life between when Jeremy becomes popular and where we pick up with him in the show with the song, “Michael in the Bathroom”.

The Antagonist: The Super Quantuam Unit Intel Processor or SQUIP is a Super Computer Pill that when swallowed, implants in the user’s brain and tells them what to do to become cool or chill. But other than helping Jeremy he has a secret agenda to SQUIP the whole school and possibly the whole world. He is seen to Jeremy as a Keanu Reeves – esque avatar.

Potential to Sell: The story could be pitched to investors in a multitude of ways. For example, a simulation of the gameplay with the Broadway cast could be arranged if this was being done with the likes of Joe Iconis. Or you could have a meeting with a Sizzle Reel of clips from the show, the animation style, and pitch to the investors how the Be More Chill universe is thriving and that fans would love a video game to see more of that world and of their favorite character aka Michael Mell’s point of view throughout the story they already know and love.

Click here to read the full gameplay breakdown by level and player!

Apocalypse of the Squipped
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