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  • Rachel Ritchie

Lecca Mini Social Media Strategy

For this project, I was tasked to create a deliverable for a fictitious brand named Lecca that hoped to inform Gen Z and Millenials about a new superfood, Rumbaba, that they will be featuring in their newest snack.

To get started out, I decided to create a logo and branding for Lecca since there was nothing provided in the brief. Afterwards, I went ahead and used past market research about the demographic and also considered my personal experience, since I would be in the target. After deciding upon the platforms best suited for the content, I got to work planning and creating two variations of a post for Instagram. The first being an educational carousel, meanwhile the second was an animated video version since the algorithm and platform is leaning away from being strictly a photo-sharing app. To back this up, I added a concept for TikTok and then provided a great example of a collaborator for the brand to consider working with with examples and links.

Finally, I went ahead and put everything together into a short and simple presentation and recorded it to submit for the challenge!

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