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Welcome to My Blog!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Welcome to my first official blog post! I am so excited that the new website makeover is finally done and thought I'd give a little life update on everything I've been working on recently as my first blog post.

Let's break down a few of the things I've been working on...

Full Sail Fashion Line Pitch

Back in October, I joined Eleni's port blend project to come up with designs for new merchandise for the Hangr. The group ended up doing a photoshoot on campus which we used to make mockups of our designs that I then compiled into a lookbook to showcase everyone's designs. Since then we have done a poll, condensed the look book, and are working on a pitch deck to pitch to the Hangr to potentially, hopefully, sell! So we will see if we can get "For Full Sail, By Full Sail" in the Hangr and into student's wardrobes soon...

A Look at the OG Look Book I designed:

Fashion TikToker?

After getting a taste of my childhood dream of being a fashion designer with the Look Book project, I decided to finally produce a mini-series of digital content I'd been messing around with the idea of for months. Back in the summer, I noticed that my style was influenced by what shows and movies I was watching, typically on Netflix. So I came up with the concept "Netflix LookBook", which was a series of 60 seconds or fewer videos featuring quick changes via transition to showcase outfits inspired by my favorite shows and movies that really did influence my style. I ended up doing a few videos for Julie and the Phantoms, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, and The Kissing Booth before I got too busy with school to complete every single JATP video I had planned. Still, it was a challenge to shoot so many different looks, but I was amazed at how well I was able to pull off a few of the transitions, I even got bored one night and filmed a mini just random outfit video to Billie Eilish's new song and it got 1200 views overnight. So it was a nice break from routine and creative challenge to put together the series.

You can check out the series here on my Instagram and the Therefore I Am Video on my TikTok

Virtual Assistant Business

I've also been working on launching my online business as a virtual assistant where I can help my clients with everything from video editing and graphic design to content creation and social media management. I'm excited to finally get this off the ground and I am even working on my first logo designer job as I write this! This past Sunday I got to be a part of the Digital Millennial Masterclass where I got to learn so much about the BTS of building my own online business through actually running it. So I am excited to launch my revamped Instagram page and start this journey this weekend after I finish content planning this week.

The TV Show

For months, my friend Kate and I have been developing what originally was supposed to just be a little web series we would shoot with our friends, but over the summer it grew into something we decided we should pitch to try and get on a platform like Netflix or channel like the CW. So currently I am finishing up a polished, refined, and condensed version of the Show Bible alongside a few original songs that I wrote for the show including its theme song. I just finished a mock-up theme song sequence with some graphic designs I did animate via After Effects and Final Cut Pro X to show our cast of friends who have volunteered to help us with a final Virtual Table Read on Friday to make sure everything is perfect. But you got a sneak peek of the theme sequence above, so shhh...

Otherwise, it's a lot of BTS hard work and late nights to get this perfect before we reveal too much and present it to the world and hopefully the right people to get us made into a Netflix Original next year. I am gonna be making my dream/vision/manifestation board to help me visualize what we are working towards this weekend.

So while my friends have been having a bit of a break or are finishing up their finals, I've been hustling away at one of the busiest periods in my whole time a Full Sail. Maybe I'll take a break for my 21st on Sunday, but we'll see...

Until next blog,


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