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Netflix Look Book - Instagram + TikTok Mini Series

During quarantine, I realized that my style is impacted by what I watch. Inspired by that realization, I decided to make a mini TikTok + IG serious to challenge me to get out of my comfort zone and try a new style of not only clothes, but content creation.

So I picked out some of my favorite movies and shows from Netflix and created a Notion board to organize and plan the outfits for each video.

After that I downloaded audio clips to create the sound bites over music audio that is traditional of the fashion video or look book content on TikTok. After picking out the outfits, I was able to source clips from the same scenes as the outfit was worn in and then begin to organize the outfits and then set up my studio for production.

I have to give credit to the creators who make this kind of videos all the time, because it is surprisingly exhausting! But it was fun to get to plan and rehearse the transitions to make the videos flow smoothly and look well-executed.

Below I have gone ahead and linked all of the videos in the series, including the bonus and bloopers ones, and some of the photos from the mini-photoshoot I did with the outfits to make sure that I didn't miss any looks during production to save me having to do reshoots.

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