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Seek Discomfort Brand Campaign

For my Integrated Marketing course in the Media Communications program, we were given the ability to pick a brand to focus on for the course to design a full brand campaign for. I decided to break my traditional go-to's for this project and choose Seek Discomfort which is the YouTube group known as Yes Theory's lifestyle and apparel brand.

Over the course of the month, I...

  • Conducted research on the influencer clothing lines and marketing techniques

  • Wrote an executive summary

  • Researched the brand and wrote a campaign background overview

  • Created a SWOT Analysis

  • Created a Situation Analysis

  • Researched and wrote a target audience definition + profile

  • Created marketing objectives and strategies for the future of the brand

  • Designed a creative strategy

  • Created mockups and sample content pieces

Here you can take a look at the overall marketing campaign that was created that month:

And here you can watch the Situational Analysis mini presentation:

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