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WALL-E - Sound Redesign Project

This one is a major throwback! During high school, I was lucky enough to have access to The Harold D Guthrire center. It was essentially a campus that all of the high schools in the district had access to where we could trade two elective classes for the option to take about two hours out of our day to take technical courses in everything from cosmetology and criminology to architecture and film. I took Film One my freshman year and was finally able to return my senior year for Film Two.

One of the earliest assignments in Film One was the Sound Re-design Project. We were given a folder with silent clips from iconic films and had to completely design the audio track from scratch. The clips ranged from Iron Man building his suit to a scene from the animated film, Rango.

With a Wall-E poster in my direct eye line in the classroom, I chose that option. I still remember sitting at my desktop at the Guthrie Center editing the little foley clips I used to create the rapid fire bubble wrap pops for probably a couple of classes because I wanted the sound design to be perfect and align with every little thing on-screen.

To this day, this project still has a soft spot in my heart and it is what initially drew me into Recording Arts for my first degree at Full Sail.

Check it out!

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