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Photo + Video

A Glimpse Into What I Do:

  • Editing + Management of Videos Such as...

    • Travel Videos

    • Reels

    • Vlogs

    • Interviews

    • Short Films

    • Music Videos

  • Photography

    • Light Photo Editing and Instagrammable Artsy Overlay Effects​


A Glimpse Into What I Do:

  • Graphic Design

    • E-Books + PDFs

    • Lookbooks + Magazine Spreads

    • Presentations + Pitch Decks

    • Template Creation 

    • Procreate Illustrations

  • Website Creation 

    • Wireframes + Mockups​

  • Product Mockup Creation

  • Branding​​

    • Logo Creation + Animation

    • Brand Kit/ Style Guide Creation

Social Media

A Glimpse Into What I Do:

  • Graphics Creation + Creating Content

  • Layout Mockups

  • Scheduling, Uploading, + Engagement

Platforms I Love: Instagram, TikTok,, Facebook + YouTube

Services + Testimonials: Testimonials


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Chryssy Abdool - Dalley,

Cornerstone Creatives

Rachel was truly a rockstar intern that exceeded my expectations. She was always so organized and knew exactly where to find all the components for each project and how to prioritize projects based on her own understanding. She was in charge of my entire social media account (among other things) and I always remember how she would schedule all the post for the month and then remind me 2 weeks prior for updated content. She was always on top of her schedule and managed the entire social media project with very little help. She always provided me with outstanding graphics and with multiple grid options for me to choose from. There were multiple times when I came to Rachel with last minute projects and she always managed to pull them off, while still delivering high quality. At this moment, I knew Rachel was a team player and she was dedicated to her work.  She always met the deadlines for her projects and whenever there was an issue, she offered solutions and suggestions on how to fix it and then she would fix it herself. She is a wonderful communicator and a skilled video editor who knows how to keep her audience’s attention.  Overall, I would happily recommend Rachel in any creatives business that values a diligent worker who takes pride in her work.

Complimentary Consultation

If you'd like to chat to see how I can help you and your business you can schedule a thirty-minute virtual consultation below!

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